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On the top of the cliff facing the Pacific Ocean, 16 villas and 16 condos are built that make up the complex La Escondida.


Be a part of our privileged community and take advantage of the attractive selling prices by investing in one of the most up and coming tourist destinations on the coast of Oaxaca.




Puerto Escondido is a unique destination with a special mystique that dates back centuries. The stories around its name are the source from which inspiration was born to create La Escondida ("the hidden one" in Spanish).

On the 15th of April in 1579 the famous English pirate Francis Drake set sail from Santa Maria Huatulco, after having looted and seized the port city. He found another population one hundred kilometers to the south. The legend says that his brother, Captain Andrew Drake, took a beautiful young Mixteca girl as prisoner and held her captive in his cabin for weeks.

The pirates anchored in a secret beach to the north of the mouth of the river Colotepec, where they hid from the Spanish navy. In this particular bay, the girl outsmarted her guards, jumped overboard, and swam to shore. Her trail was lost in the jungle.

The captain's obsession with the young woman sent him repeatedly back to the bay in hopes of finding her. He was never able to see her again, let alone forget her.

Over time, the sailors began to refer to it as "La Escondida". After the death of Andrew Drake, the place was christened "Bay of the Escondida", which is today Puerto Escondido's main bay.

On the cliffs that are only visible to sailors, this bay is where the project La Escondida can be found. 


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